My name is Sam Rector and I run American Sports. In September of 2018, I started a WordPress blog for fun because I loved (and still love) to write about sports. Over the past few years, I’ve grown my little experiment substantially. The blog is going strong as you can see and I created a podcast and a YouTube channel to accompany it. It’s been so much fun and I want to keep growing!

I’m just a teenager, but I offer a seasoned perspective on the NBA, NFL, MLB, and their respective college sports. In fact, my view is quite refreshing because I’m younger than your average analyst. On top of that, I try to be unique with my topics. You won’t find much similar content to what I’ve built on my blog, podcast, and YT channel. I put a ton of effort in, so I appreciate any kind of support as a small business. Hope you enjoy my content!!

Podcast: Available on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and many other platforms. Visit the “Podcasts” page for more.

YouTube: click here to visit my channel