Harden or Giannis: MVP Race 2019

As 16 teams compete to become NBA champions, a smaller, elite group of players fights for an individual honor like no other. The Most Valuable Player Award for the NBA is the most prestigious prize for one player in basketball. The MVP races in the last few years have been very interesting, especially for the 2016-17 season that featured Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Harden averaged 29.1 points per game, 11.2 assists per game, and 8.1 rebounds per game that season. Westbrook racked up 31.6 points per game, 10.4 assists per game, and 10.7 rebounds per game. He became the … Continue reading Harden or Giannis: MVP Race 2019

NFL Mock Draft 3.0

The NFL Draft will begin in just over 10 days. Dreams will come true and the futures of franchises will be set. It’s one of my favorite events in all of sports. In this mock, I tried to write about what happened in free agency as much as about what could happen in the draft. If you want to read more about the descriptions of these players, look back to my first two mocks. However, if you’re caught up, stay and enjoy the article. Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma No change of pick here. The Cards haven’t given … Continue reading NFL Mock Draft 3.0

NBA Playoffs Preview 2019

After a long season, the NBA Playoffs are starting today. There are so many stars this season that every game should be fun. Whether you root for playoff-tested players like Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, or Lebron James (oh, wait…) or guys who have been to one or no postseasons like D’Angelo Russell, Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Donovan Mitchell, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, these playoffs will be fun. As opposed to the fleeting March Madness, you can enjoy the playoffs all the way from now until June. So, here’s what to expect this postseason from basketball’s best. Powered … Continue reading NBA Playoffs Preview 2019

MLB Preview 2019

Spring has sprung and it’s baseball season once again. Cheers to launch angles, starting pitchers lasting no more than 5 innings, and 3+ hour games. In all seriousness, baseball is America’s pastime and could use some more publicity, viewership, and most of all patience. So, without further adieu, here is a preview of this season, divided into three parts. Standings – Just a quick look at who will win and lose in their divisions. Playoffs – The playoffs will be fun this year, and, with some luck, my prediction of it will be correct. Excitement Rankings – This is the … Continue reading MLB Preview 2019

March Madness: Sweet Sixteen Preview

Some people love it when March Madness is full of upsets and Cinderella stories are prevalent. Those people probably haven’t enjoyed this year’s tourney. None of the top 3 seeds have been eliminated and just one team above a 5 seed (12 seeded Oregon) remains. However, this isn’t a reason for sorrow at all, as this year’s Sweet Sixteen and beyond should be extremely entertaining. Goliaths of different conferences and regions will square off in epic battles from Thursday-Sunday this week. Here’s a preview of all of the excitement lined up for Thursday and Friday.   Thursday, March 28th   … Continue reading March Madness: Sweet Sixteen Preview