OKC Thunder: The Dynasty That Never Was

The year is 2007. The Seattle SuperSonics have hit rock bottom, and the franchise is about to make some major changes. Behind lone star Ray Allen, the Sonics finished 31-51. In his first full season as head coach, Bob Hill … Continue reading OKC Thunder: The Dynasty That Never Was

NBA Free Agency Preview

The climax of the NBA offseason starts in just under 6 hours. There are numerous reasons to pay attention to free agency this year. All stars by the names of Kawhi, Kyrie, Kevin, Kemba, Klay, Khris, and more are all exploring the market looking for new buyers. Or, they’ll just be boring and stay on their respective teams. Whatever happens, though, free agency is an intriguing look into the business that is the NBA. Money will change hands, stars will shift teams, and dynasties will be built in a matter of days. In this piece, I have written rankings of … Continue reading NBA Free Agency Preview

NBA Mock Draft 2.0

Tonight is the big night. Mike Conley and Anthony Davis have already been dealt to the Jazz and Lakers, respectively, so let’s just focus on the young guys tonight. After the first three picks, no one really knows what’ll happen. The Celtics, Pelicans, and Hawks are all teams that could move around tonight, so keep an eye on them. But above all, just enjoy the night. Just watching the journeys of these kids being fulfilled makes me happy. Anyway, enjoy this article. New Orleans Pelicans – Zion Williamson, PF, Duke Height: 6’6” Weight: 280 lbs Analysis: Next question. Memphis Grizzlies … Continue reading NBA Mock Draft 2.0

NBA Mock Lottery 1.0

The NBA Draft is under 10 days away, and I’ve never been more excited. Players like Zion Williamson, Anthony Davis, and Mike Conley will be on everyone’s minds. The rumor mill has been relatively quiet, though, but that always happens before the NBA Draft. All of the big trades usually come as a surprise on draft night, so the suspense is still high. Without further adieu, here’s my first mock. I only did the lottery because I’d like to release something about the College Baseball World Series and then a more in-depth mock before draft night, hopefully with the help … Continue reading NBA Mock Lottery 1.0

NBA Finals: The Tale of Two Franchises

Let me tell you two stories. The first is of unparalleled success, while the next is of years of toil. One starts with a gamble. The other ends with two. The year is 2014. Former NBA guard Mark Jackson was just fired as head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He was a good leader and he steered the Warriors to multiple playoff appearances, but he wasn’t great. Golden State gambled and hired another former NBA guard, Steve Kerr. Kerr, who had no coaching experience, was close to signing a contract with the Knicks. He would’ve joined his former coach, … Continue reading NBA Finals: The Tale of Two Franchises

NBA Lottery Night: The Zion Stakes

In years past, the NBA Draft Lottery has been a pre-written show that was honestly quite boring. Everyone knew who would win the coveted number 1 pick, the worst team in the league. That team boasted a 25% chance of obtaining that selection. Then, the league made this event much more intriguing. The top (really bottom) 3 teams with the best odds all have 14% shots at the top pick. The next 6 worst teams will have 6-12.5% odds depending on their win percentage. To first, introduce you to the premise of this now interesting night, and second, highlight some … Continue reading NBA Lottery Night: The Zion Stakes