College Baseball World Series: What You Should Know

The College Baseball World Series started yesterday, but most people wouldn’t know. The ratings of the cellar-dweller of the top college sports have been rising, but compared to college basketball and football, the numbers look puny. Last year, the CWS final averaged 1.96 million viewers over a three-game series. This is a 4% increase from 2017, but when you compare it to a first round March Madness game between Duke and North Dakota State that accumulated 6.22 million viewers, you wonder what’s gone wrong with college baseball. This is why I’m here to shed some light on a College World … Continue reading College Baseball World Series: What You Should Know

MLB: Losers of the Start of 2019

“You can’t win your division in April, but you can lose it.” -Unknown There have been winners so far, but there have been more notable losers. There are different causes for these slumps such as injuries, pitching issues, and more. This list doesn’t include teams everyone knew would stink this year, but rather the flunking teams with high expectations. There are four squads that really stand out in their failures so far. New York Yankees: Let’s start with the Yankees. You really can’t blame their shortcomings on anyone. They’ve been ravaged by injuries in March and April. In March, OF Aaron … Continue reading MLB: Losers of the Start of 2019