The Correlation Between the Jets’ Pick and Their Head Coach

It’s almost that time of year where some NFL teams move on from their current head coaches. This year, there’s a plethora of options, including coordinators Eric Bieniemy, Robert Saleh, and more. The Jets, who are likely to move on from Adam Gase, should consider every option available because their choice of head coach will impact the decision they make with their #2 overall pick. Ohio State QB Justin Fields, BYU QB Zach Wilson, and OT Penei Sewell look like their options for this pick. So, I took each of those three prospects and selected two HC candidates that would probably want to draft each prospect.

Note: The prospective coaches I mentioned below aren’t the only candidates for the Jets’ job. College guys like Lincoln Riley, Ryan Day, and Matt Campbell could be other options.

Featured image credit: The Daily Advertiser

  1. Justin Fields 

Brian Daboll, Buffalo Bills OC – He’s developed another QB project, Josh Allen, during his time there. Allen came out of Wyoming with talent, size, and mobility, but his accuracy and decision-making came with questions. Sound familiar? Fields’s description goes something like that. Daboll turned Allen into a stud, and I’m sure he’d do the same with Fields, who actually is more pro-ready than Allen. 

Report: Brian Daboll expected to interview for Browns job
Image from Wkbw

Greg Roman, Baltimore Ravens OC – Roman has had a ton of success in Baltimore with a mobile QB in Lamar Jackson. Josh Allen is a better comp for Fields than Lamar Jackson is, but Fields still has the mobility to play Lamar’s role to a degree. With Roman, the Jets could have a creative, run-first offense with a mobile QB and maybe a free agent RB like Aaron Jones. 

  1. Zach Wilson

Eric Bieniemy, Kansas City Chiefs OC – Bienemy is the best head coach candidate this year. His offense has made Patrick Mahomes the best quarterback in the league. Zach Wilson may not reach Mahomes’s level, but he’s similar in many ways. Wilson is very accurate and he can make plays outside the pocket. Bienemy and Wilson would be a fantastic HC-QB duo. 

Bengals head coaching search: The uncomfortable pasts of Chiefs' Eric  Bieniemy and Vance Joseph - Cincy Jungle
Image from Cincy Jungle

Joe Brady, Carolina Panthers OC – Brady may be a year away from a head coaching job, but he’d be a perfect fit for Wilson. Brady was the OC for the LSU Tigers when they won the national championship with Joe Burrow. Burrow is actually my comp for Wilson, so the fit is there. If Brady stays in Carolina, the Panthers should try to move up and take Wilson.

  1. Penei Sewell

Robert Saleh, San Francisco 49ers DC – The Jets are more likely to go with an offensive-minded coach, but I think they should consider Saleh. His energy is unmatched, and he’d be able to recreate the Niners offense with Sewell. The Jets already have a stud tackle in Mekhi Becton, so adding Sewell to that O-Line would give them the best young OT duo in the NFL. Saleh would be able to create his own Shanahan-style offense with that O-Line and the cap space to sign a talented running back. 

49ers coordinator Robert Saleh: From 9/11 to the NFL - Sports Illustrated
Image from Sports Illustrated

Arthur Smith, Tennessee Titans OC – Smith has had success with the Titans with star RB Derrick Henry. The Jets have two first-rounders, so they can take Sewell at #2 and then take a workhorse RB like Najee Harris later. 

Stay safe, and good luck in your fantasy championships!



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