Making the Craziest NBA Offseason Ever

It’s rumor time in the NBA. I’ve been thinking about what could happen this offseason, so I thought it might be fun to make my own moves. I completed ten trades that would make this NBA offseason insane. Here’s a disclaimer; this isn’t a prediction article. It’s not like I made completely unrealistic trades, but it’s still improbable that most of them happen.

Featured image credits: ClutchPoints, Reddit

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo to the Warriors

This would be just plain scary. The Warriors certainly have the ammunition to pull it off, though. The Bucks would lose their MVP, but they’d become the deepest team in the league. As for the Warriors, they become virtually unstoppable. Giannis, Steph, Klay. Wow.

2. James Harden to the Nets

This trade is actually pretty realistic. The Rockets have been involved in tons of trade rumors, and Harden to the Nets is one of them. So, after the Warriors make their splash, Brooklyn feels the need to cement themselves as a super-team.

UPDATE AFTER TIME OF WRITING: Harden is believed to be seeking a trade to Brooklyn. This could really happen.

3. Paul George to the Rockets, Russell Westbrook to the Clippers

As I said before, the Rockets will make some big trades this offseason. All four of the players I sent to the Clippers are unhappy with their situation in Houston. A complete remodeling of the Rockets leads to their starters being Spencer Dinwiddie, Caris LeVert, Paul George, Robert Covington, and Jarrett Allen. Note that Marcus Morris Sr. would have to be traded on a sign-and-trade.

4. Ben Simmons to the Heat, Al Horford to the Kings

Philly is another team that should undergo big changes this offseason. New GM Daryl Morey has expressed his desire to keep Joel Embiid, so I think there’s a solid chance that Simmons and Horford are traded this offseason. The Heat want another star, and Goran Dragić doesn’t seem opposed to leaving Miami. So, the Sixers get Dragić off a sign-and-trade and add elite shooters in Tyler Herro and Buddy Hield.

5. Bradley Beal to the Raptors

I want Beal to be traded so bad because it feels like his talent is wasted year after year with the Wizards. The Raptors, seeing the Nets and Heat make big moves, add another star in Beal. It doesn’t seem like they’re willing to pay VanVleet big money, so dealing him in a sign-and-trade makes sense for them.

6. C.J. McCollum to the Magic

This one is unrealistic, but I think it makes a ton of sense. The Magic are thin at both guard positions and the Blazers are thin at both forward positions. McCollum could realistically run the point for Orlando and be their main scorer. As for the Blazers, I think Damian Lillard would benefit from the added size and depth.

7. Rudy Gobert to the Bulls

The Bulls are a piece away from competing and they have the #4 overall pick. Gobert could be out of Utah due to the disputes he caused in their locker room over COVID. Wendell Carter Jr. and that top pick could be enough for the Jazz to want to part with Gobert, although I wouldn’t be surprised if their asking price is slightly higher.

8. Chris Paul to the Suns

I can almost guarantee CP3 will be out of Oklahoma City by 2021. The Suns were a star point guard away from making the playoffs last season. Paul would be perfect for Phoenix.

UPDATE AFTER TIME OF WRITING: Chris Paul is a Phoenix Sun. He was sent for a package that did include Kelly Oubre and Ricky Rubio.

9. Gordon Hayward to the Pacers, Myles Turner to the Celtics

Gordon Hayward’s contract situation is a mess right now, but it seems like he wants out of Boston. So, we’ll send him to the Pacers for Myles Turner here. The bigger story: Jeremy Lamb reunites with Kemba Walker.

10. Victor Oladipo to the Knicks

Finally, the Knicks get something out of this offseason. After dealing Myles Turner, the Pacers add Julius Randle for his rebounding. Oladipo isn’t the Knicks top target, but he’s a solid consolation prize.

Despite the lack of free agents, blockbuster trades will make this offseason fun. The NBA Draft is tomorrow, so expect many more rumors and trades to be confirmed!!



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