Interview with Craig Diamond, CEO of Diamond MMA

Sports provide fun and physical activity to people of all ages. Whether you’re in peewee soccer, high school basketball, or a men’s softball league, sports foster healthy bodies and minds. However, the more serious you get, the more stress you put on your body. Sore muscles and joints are the plague of all athletes, including myself. Nowadays, many companies have set out to combat this issue, and Diamond MMA is a pioneer of groin protection.

Groin injuries are incredibly common. According to a study reported on by UPI, there are two common injuries that MLB pitchers suffer from. No, these injuries don’t occur in their arms. Out of 330 pitchers on the disabled list (2014-2015) that were surveyed, about 20% of them suffered from core or hip/groin injuries. According to the researchers, re-injury of these areas was commonplace. Need a more specific example? Take Arian Foster, the former star running back for the Houston Texans. Foster was a 2-time All-Pro and 4-time pro-bowler for the Texans. Then, groin injuries derailed his career, leading to his eventual mid-season  retirement in 2016. He was just 30 years-old. His playing days could’ve lasted much longer if he had proper groin protection. This is the mission of Diamond MMA.

Diamond MMA was founded by Craig Diamond. Starting from his own car, Craig and his team now boast pretty much all of the UFC as their clients. With their unique products, Diamond MMA is primed to keep growing. Here’s my interview with Craig from late November.


Diamond MMA website:


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